Artist statement

My previous research and interest was in trying to understand and critique beliefs of the individual, mainly interested in the non-art writings of Robert Trivers on deceit and self-deception, Robert Sapolsky on evolution biology and Bertrand Russell on philosophy. Understanding that our beliefs can be separated between scientific where one is willing to adapt and change a belief given more information and the second part of being emotional beliefs based on lies, misunderstanding, deceit, self-deception and ignorance where one becomes entrenched and finds it difficult to change an opinion.

As with many Visual Artists on leaving University it has been difficult to define one’s art practice especially for the years 2015 and 2016. In the early part of 2017 after more research I realised that I was trying to find something that as an artist could more accurately define my practice, leading me to critique my emotions.

My recent works involve the use of materials in an exploratory nature of physical manipulation, improvised interventions and experimental play with a variety of construction methods within which the use of colour has become a major component. The process features tension both formal and philosophical, ambiguity, confrontation and risk. The idea of this process is to seek out the potential within this artistic language for expressing emotion.

Thank you.