Artist statement

UK artist born in Manchester, lived in St Ives, North London and West Yorkshire before emigrating to Brisbane Australia.

The wonderful interaction of nature and nurture, our beliefs based on the scientific knowledge with a willingness to change and other strongly held emotion beliefs based on falsehoods, ignorance, faith and self deception that define who we are as individuals.

The challenge is investigating physical properties of materials and seeking any psychological potential. I investigate, play and speculate with materials, using them as a language with which to express my ideas. I consider this play as the interpretation of thoughts into the physical and vice versa, to understand the nuances of the subsequent works, as it these idiosyncrasies that make the works ‘talk’. The human figure, or its implication, is a constant element in my work.

I am interested in the exploratory nature of physical manipulation, random interventions and experimental play with a variety of construction methods. The process is a complex cyclical loop that features tension both formal and philosophical, ambiguity, confrontation and risk. I do not have a procedure, which I would find boring. The sense of light and mood comes more by the interaction of materials within the process; it is reactive rather than a known skill, chance is important I want to be the surprised. It is frustrating and in particular what I want to make and why, during the whole process more time is spent thinking rather than doing.