Artist statement



The works are of emotional situations exploring how each has a personal meaning, and how they might affect those who see them. Each painting refers to an experience, emotion and memory that triggered the work. Linked to an interest of evolutionary biology with the intertwining of nature and nurture and the question of free will.

Using canvas, Masonite or aluminium panels as the painting surface with a frame of wood or a plaster cloth, which is incorporated within the work. By painting the frames and the edges the works become sculptural, they operate as both objects and images of contemplation, bringing a unity with the painted sculpture works.

The making involves the use of materials in an exploratory nature of physical manipulation, improvised interventions and experimental play with a variety of construction methods within which the use of colour has become a major component. The process features tension both formal and philosophical, ambiguity, confrontation and risk, conveying the relationship between hand, eye, and memory.

“I’d rather have questions I can’t answer than answers I can’t question” - Max Tegmark.