2011 - 2014 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Visual Arts.  Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.

Born in Manchester, United Kingdom, 1945

UK artist born in Manchester, lived North London and West Yorkshire before immigrating to Brisbane Australia in 2004.

Currently Lives and works in Brisbane, Australia

Art Prize

2014 - Eyeline Magazine Award, QUT Honours Exhibition. 15 students, Judges Aileen Burns, Johan Lundh.

Past Exhibitions

2018 - ‘Colour as Emotion’ Strathpine Gallery window.

2016 - ‘Which I notice in my mind’ with Jared Worthington, Metcalfe gallery Brisbane.
2016 - ‘Light’ Group exhibition, Metcalfe gallery Brisbane.
2016 - ‘Tick Tock’, with Jared Worthington, Strathpine gallery window.
2014 – ‘Everything all at once’ QUT Visual Arts Graduate Honours Exhibition. 15 artists. Won Eyeline Magazine Award 1st prize.
2013 – ‘13’ QUT Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition
2012 – QUT Post Datum group exhibition at the Block, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane
2012 – Group exhibition BARI Judith Wright Centre Brisbane
2010 – Group exhibition ‘Ten’ at BIA Brisbane
2008 – 2010 – Group exhibitions at BIA Brisbane